Why dads need friends too

It’s crucial that we have people like this in our lives, other dads who know our hopes and dreams who can serve as companions on a similar journey. For my circle of dads, the ties run deep: our wives are besties, our families vacation together, our kids are god-siblings…you get the picture.

The future is in good hands

For parents out there wondering if there’s hope in this world, look no farther than our children and their daily growth. Even in the little things, you’ll glimpse aspects of their talents, talents that will one day change the world for the better. Thank God for these little reminders of what’s possible.

Think lab, not lecture

We must prepare the child for the path, not the path for the child. The further out I can see, the better the decision I will make to help the next generation win. Don’t think control, think connect. Don’t think rules, think equations. Don’t think lecture, think lab.