When decisions echo

Yesterday my wife snapped a photo of our daughter (London) trying to walk in my shoes.  It was classic little kid stuff.  Daddy comes home from work tired, takes off his shoes and boom…the game is on to see if the two year old can fit in and walk in his shoes.  What struck me most though about watching her was the symbolism of it all.  I started wondering, how will she figuratively learn to walk in my shoes as she gets older? Make no mistake about it, our choices, good or bad have consequences and our decisions will echo into future generations.

Bringing Family Together

Families have the ability to drift over time. We have to be intentional about forging bonds while they’re young so they’ll last into adulthood.

Keep Calm and Carry On

Even in the moments we couldn’t plan for, our approach was the same: keep calm and carry on. Thank God it paid off.