Keep, Start, Stop for 2021

Looking for a way to set clear intentions with your family that might actually be fun and impactful? Try this activity.

Say Grace

The tradition isn’t the point, it’s the meaning behind the tradition that is.

This is not fine.

Yesterday on a call, I literally said, “I hate everything about everything right now.” It was a rare moment of transparency in the midst of a tough day. Turns out I wasn’t the only one.

How we got over…

There’s something about seeing a project through to completion, a sense of accomplishment that has given us a sense of purpose in these trying times.

No one is coming to save us

At no point have all white people gotten together and agreed to the equitable treatment of Black people. And yet, there has been change over time, over generations, over history. – Austin Channing Brown

Don’t be in such a hurry…

It took 18 years and a pandemic, but I’m finally learning the lesson that my grandpa seemed to model so well: don’t be in such a hurry.

The Irony of American Exceptionalism

The very idea of “American Exceptionalism” suggest that the game is already rigged. Who gets to be “exceptional” and why isn’t that simply the norm?