A faith of their own

Most of us want strong spiritual and moral foundations for our kids, so how do we help them discover a faith of their own?

Intergenerational healing

Creating the space to practice self compassion even towards our generational pain, is healing work.

What’s working in 2023

It’s truly a beautiful thing to find yourself in your element, at the intersection of your strengths, passions, and what’s good for the world.

Necessary endings

In order to make the most of endings, you have to normalize them. It’s common to think of endings as negative occurrences, that’s why we tend to avoid them. But as soon as we see endings as normal, then we have no reason to be afraid and run away from them. Dr Henry Cloud

Picture perfect

We’re not as lost as we look, but we are a family on the move. Here’s to loving the process.


You never know when a moment will imprint on someone. All we can do is be available and intentional.