Dreaming together as a team

We’re a family of dreamers. You’d be surprised how much you get to know someone through what they dream about.

Defining moments

I’ve always been a journey guy. Defining moments, it’s not just about reaching the destination, but it’s also about remembering and appreciating the trip.

The life we deserve

Rest is our divine right. Rest isn’t a luxury or privilege. Rest is reparations. We must rest like our lives depend on it because it does. Tricia Hersey

Road warriors

I love traveling with my squad. The journey is always more important than the destination.

Celebrating with our tribe

It’s a heady time as a parent raising kids, but it’s a great thing to have a tribe of folks on this journey with us.

Life in the slow lane…

What do I notice about the life that is unfolding around me, when I create the space to slow down and pay attention?

A faith of their own

Most of us want strong spiritual and moral foundations for our kids, so how do we help them discover a faith of their own?

Intergenerational healing

Creating the space to practice self compassion even towards our generational pain, is healing work.