What now?

The mental and emotional toll that this moment is taking on my black brothers and sisters is real. Let’s take care of ourselves in the process of rising to the occasion to save the world.

Second Chances

This past week has taught me the importance of second chances…beginning with my 2 year old’s birthday.

Freeze tag

If you get a chance to go back to a time where freeze tag is just a fun game, you take it and run with it.

What are you learning in this season?

I live with a cast of characters. To be clear, I’ve known that for a while. But these past few weeks, being trapped in my house with them has been a crash course…

The price of trust

While we often focus on what’s lost when we lose trust in each other or institutions, maintaining trust costs something as well. And it’s these small teachable moments that reinforce the ongoing cost that trust exacts.


One day soon, this will be my new place of refuge. For now, it’s just another space where I’ve got to learn how to relax.

Want to predict the future? Join the club.

We’re terrible at predicting the future, yet there’s something in all of us that makes us want to try. I’m convinced that’s a good thing. We just need some perspective along the way.