The absurdity of parenting

They say, if you want to be kind to yourself, give yourself advice that you would offer to a friend in the same situation. Parental advice anyone?

Growing through reflection

My secret to growth has always been intentional reflection on the experiences I’m having at each stage of life. It’s a gift I’m trying to pass on.

Put yourself in the path

It’s my responsibility to create a rhythm for my life that nurtures me, that brings me joy, that allows me to flourish, even, given the weight of things I’m carrying. Shauna Niequist


Staying tight is a choice. In any relationship, you have to choose to grow together.

I guess I still have a lot to learn…

The list of things that I haven’t quite learned is endless. But I’m learning to cut myself some slack on that though, because after all, isn’t learning the point of living?

Pay it forward

Everyone at any point in time has the opportunity to provide a miracle for someone else. You’ve just got to be open to it.