I guess I still have a lot to learn…

The list of things that I haven’t quite learned is endless. But I’m learning to cut myself some slack on that though, because after all, isn’t learning the point of living?

Pay it forward

Everyone at any point in time has the opportunity to provide a miracle for someone else. You’ve just got to be open to it.

Trust the journey

I welcome the day and everything that come with it, because I know it’s for my healing.

A day on the road

You know it’s time to call it quits for your time on the road when you keep hearing children repeat the phrase… stop copying me…


I believe that it’s our job as parents to take the lead in introducing and guiding our kids through difficult subjects well before they’re exposed elsewhere.

We’re doing it wrong

We should all be reflecting in this moment about what we value, and ask ourselves, is this a reflection of those values? (Notice I didn’t say, what you believe. Beliefs are different than values). I suspect that even for those of us on opposite sides of the conversation, we likely share some similar values. Perhaps we should start there as our way forward together.