Transformational Life Experiences

I’ll never forget the life experiences that made me who I am today (or at least I shouldn’t).  It’s a part of my life’s story.  When I was in undergrad, I was a part of a phenonmenal gospel choir, The Voices of Inner Strength. I developed a lifetime of friendships in this group, people who I am still close with today.  Probably most significantly, it was the time spent growing as a young Christian leader, learning to understand my faith in practice. Oh yeah, and I can’t forget the lady I dated who happened to be the choir president our senior year.  I now call her Mrs. Wakefield.  Bottom line, this time was a transformational experience for me in every sense of the word.  I found my identity, and in started with my time in this choir.  And man, the relationships!  They’ve proven to be worth everything.

I stumbled across this video during my quiet time this morning, and there was something emotional about hearing some of the songs we used to sing over a decade ago.  It evoked memories of the struggle and triumphs that have been a part of my own process of maturation over the years.  I’m so thankful for the scars, because I’ve learned that my God heals even those too.  It’s a realization that I want to pass on to my children as well in years to come: lean into transformational experiences.  They’re meant to change your life.  Let it: because you’ll be the better for it as a result.

PS- If you watch the video closely at about the one minute mark, you’ll notice a few alumni come up to join the group including myself and a pregnant Samantha, carrying our firstborn.  (Riles- you’re an honorary VOIS member!)

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