Honoring the legacy of a friend

838929_015wedding photo

This is my friend, Joshua Hamilton Scott, pictured on the right helping me get dressed on my wedding day (now almost 10 years ago), and pictured again stage right of me in my wedding assembly of groomsmen.  Who would think that almost a decade later as my wife and I prepare to celebrate our wedding anniversary, heaven would call him home?  But it is this very fact that keeps me engaged in the present, knowing that tomorrow isn’t promised, yesterday is gone, so what we must do now is cherish today.  In the memory of my loyal friend, I cherish my family and the opportunities I have today to continue his legacy of positively impacting others.

Ironically, this weekend as we celebrate the life of Josh, I will also be celebrating with one of my other closest friends, also pictured on the left of me, Reggie, as he embarks on his journey of marriage.

With the expansion of our family, transitions in my career, and watching my friend go through his protracted battle with cancer, the past 6 months in particular has truly been tough, and at times simply emotionally exhausting.  The last few days I’ve just been in a constant state of exhaling.

And yet, last night, as I sat here in Albany, Georgia leading a group of teachers, students, and community members on a personal leadership journey, I couldn’t help but feel hopeful.  God is up to something, and it’s amazing to see it unfold.


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