When a little goes a long way

Last night my wife took the baby and slept in the guest room.  I woke up 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep later, oblivious to their absence but well rested.  When I rolled over, it was the first time I realized that they were gone and I quickly figured out what had happened.  Smiling, I went upstairs to find my wife in the baby’s room changing her diaper and to hear the full story.  Apparently, they never even got in the bed.  After my wife saw me fall asleep, they scooted upstairs for her to try the baby in her own crib, while she slept a few doors down in the guest room.  Apparently London stuck to her routine of feedings at 10:30, 1, 3, and when I’d arrived she was up for her 6am feeding.  However, what was most remarkable to me was why my wife left.  She knew I would be against it (seriously, after 10 years, it’s hard to fall asleep without her beside me!).  But, she was thinking of me (and potentially her- as she mentioned on Sunday she needs me to be at 100% to be of any use to her!).  A sick daddy does no one any good.  You see, I’ve been recently under the weather (London and I both got sick when we went to her one month appointment last week).  Samantha wanted me to have a full night’s rest so that it could help combat the sickness, so she sacrificed her midnight helper and ignored my desire to be with them so that I could catch up on rest.

Brilliant plan, as usual.  That’s why I married her!  I feel a lot better now and I’m looking to return the favor soon.


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