Celebrating my prolific daughter


There are 2 days that have marked my adult life: the day I became a husband, and the day I became a father.  7 years ago I became Riley’s dad, and this young lady changed my life forever.

I just spent the better part of an hour looking back at home videos of my firstborn, her first trip to B-more to visit family, our first walk together, the day she was born…I’m nostalgic like that.  I remember getting my first video camera a few months before she was born, super excited to capture as many moments as possible.  Shortly afterwards I started a blog, Riley’s Dad, and the rest as they say is history.

My greatest joy aside from being Samantha Wakefield’s husband has been as a father.  I’ve grown as a man and learned patience.  I’ve seen my flaws up close and been humbled.  Each of my girls has taught me something special over the years.  My oldest, Riley more than anyone has taught me the importance of learning to live life in the moment.  She reminds me so much of myself in many ways.  No one is tougher on herself than Riles.  I always joke that she has the stench of responsibility on her as our oldest child.  Sometimes she takes life and herself too seriously, she can be tightly wound with the pressures of high expectations and achievement that she places on herself.  She earned these characteristics honestly.

And on the other hand, if anyone is going to change the world, be a leader, transform society…I know that Riley is well prepared for whatever journey of leadership life calls her toward.  She’s already an avid writer and soon will be a published author (she’s so prolific!).  I’m so proud of the girl that she is, and I’m excited to meet the woman she’ll become.




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