The day you were born

We have a birthday tradition in our home, every year on a child’s birthday we tell the story of the day they were born and watch their birth video (relax it’s not as graphic as you think). In preparation for Sloane’s birthday we did a photo shoot and well…as you can imagine fun chaos ensued (Watch her eating her first birthday cake).

Sloane and her sisters at the photo shoot. That look tho!
She’s finally starting to walk
My newest Daddy’s Girl

Today we celebrate the birth of our youngest daughter, Sloane Imani Wakefield. Thanks to my journal collection, I can remember it like it was yesterday…

On May 22, 2018 at 5:12pm God blessed us with the birth of a beautiful new baby girl.  I’m still on cloud nine just thinking about her.  Our fourth baby girl and everything felt like a dream. We went in for a regular doctor appointment and because Samantha’s blood pressure was elevated and she was already 3.5 centimeters dilated, they decided to go ahead and induce her and let her continue laboring. Good thing we were prepared. I’d spent most of the weekend and the previous evening finalizing the packing of diaper bags, hospital bags, and I’m almost done putting together the baby’s room (still need to finish that crib!).

The only thing left was for us to have a baby. I’ve placed a lot of emphasis on being prepared. It’s sort of my secret weapon. However, my preparation only goes so far. It’s mostly about readying myself, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally to receive. God has done a huge work in me getting me to become less anxious and more at peace, and that’s the best preparation possible for any new challenge. Seemingly to highlight that point, London has been waking up mid night for about a month crying and now I’m totally used to only sleeping in 3 hour increments. Something tells me that’ll come in handy soon.

But, back to Sloane’s story.  So, when we got to the hospital it was like everything was happening in slow motion. I guess since it’s likely our last child, I just was soaking everything in.  Most of what was happening seemed new to me, even though my wife kept saying repeatedly, we just did this 3 years ago with London. Need I remind her that 3 years is a long time.

We danced. We laughed. I watched a few episodes of Alex, Inc on Hulu. Ultimately Samantha did her thing. I experienced new things like leaving my wife and coming home to sleep in my own bed while she’s still at the hospital.

I didn’t like the leaving part, but I must admit it was kind of nice to get some rest at home. Apparently when you have 3 kids already and your extended family has busy lives you have to watch your own kids.

Sloane was born at 8lbs and 6ozs, right in the healthy part of the curve at 38 weeks. We tend to have big babies. And she was born on the night her state nominated its first black woman for governor. That’ll be a story I tell her and she tells others as she launches out to greatness. After Sloane was born, I just felt a sense of accomplishment, like I could literally do anything. I know my wife did. She pushed maybe 4 times and boom, there was a baby.  She was quite impressive. All in all, I’ll call it a good day.

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