And the adventure begins…

Today we embarked on our cross country tour, leaving Atlanta and heading west. Over the next nearly 2 weeks we’ll travel over 2500 miles, cross much of the southern half of the continental US, all while taking in some of the most scenic portions of our country. Along the way we’ll be stopping to learn about our history, both the celebrated and the forgotten. If I’m being honest, I’ve been dreaming about this trip all year, ever since we conjured it up as a family goal (right up there with getting a dog which we also did this spring). There’s something about road trips that bring a family together and shows you what you’re made of. I’m looking forward to seeing what we’re made of, though I kind of suspect it’s the good stuff.

And, as I’ve written about elsewhere, it’s really important that we help the girls better understand the land and our history by going to the places where history happened and bringing it all to life.

Here’s to a trip full of memories, a new road trip playlist, and inside jokes.

Every road trip we end up leaving hours after our planned time of departure. This time our goal was to get on the road by 9am. This is us finally pulling out of the driveway at noon. Right on schedule as usual lol!
By far the easiest packing job for a road trip since we weren’t bringing any bikes, beach toys, etc. I challenged everyone to only bring one bag and we made it happen!
First stop: we made it to Alabama.
Our first major stop on our civil rights monuments tour was visiting the Birmingham civil rights institute, Kelly Ingram Park, and 16th Street Baptist church where the four little black girls were killed in 1963.
No road trip would be complete without the obligatory device time, otherwise known as “keeping my sanity while I drive and the girls stop calling their mama’s name for at least 30 minutes”.
After leaving Mississippi, we ended the day in Memphis where we’ll pick up the next leg of our journey over the next few days.


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