A day on the road

You know it’s time to call it quits for your time on the road when you reach the point where you keep hearing children repeat the phrase… stop copying me. I call that, peak road trip meltdown. We’d arrived at that point after nearly six hours (not all at once mind you) in the van and so I was glad to be finally arriving at our destination for the evening in Tulsa.

We’re here to see the historic Black Wall Street and Greenwood district and bring to life the history about the Tulsa Riots that destroyed what was once one of the most valuable black communities in the country in the early twentieth century. But we’re also glad to simply be taking a break in a beautiful quiet neighborhood on our way.

While driving today I did have a few passing reflections about life on the road thus far… including…

It’s amazing that I can drive across the country, from sea to shining sea with *relative* ease. For generations this wasn’t something people who looked like me could do with either comfort or safety.

For the past few days family members have been texting telling us to be safe, some even questioning why we’re doing this trip now with everything going on in the world. And I get it. If I sat and watched the news all day I’d have a heightened awareness about how dangerous a place the world can be. But here’s the deal… we can’t really live like that can we? I mean, right now the girls are having the experience of a lifetime, and that comes with a few risks.

I had an interesting conversation today with this older white lady when we stopped at Cracker Barrel for brunch in Arkansas. Per usual when I’m out with the girls I was asked were these all my children? Bless her heart… I’m used to it, usually I just move the conversation along. But then, after going on about how pretty and nice they were, she remarked, who knows, one of them might even be president one day! Wouldn’t that be something? Then, as if catching herself, she remarked, of course, in this political climate who knows. But that would be something right?

I wasn’t quite sure what to make of that conversation, so for now I’ve decided not to read too much into to it yet. I’ll only offer this: everyone on the road thus far from rest stops and restaurants from Tennessee to Arkansas and Oklahoma, has been gracious, cordial, and even kind at times. Imagine that. We’ve all just been people out in the world doing human things. Perhaps there’s hope for us after all.

Here’s to another day of driving from Tulsa to Amarillo Texas.


While I’ve done most of the driving, my favorite part today was kicking my legs up while I sat in the passenger seat and read while Samantha got her drive time in.
We made a pit stop in Little Rock Arkansas to visit the historic Central High School where the Little Rock 9 integrated after
Brown Vs. Board of ed.

We made it to Oklahoma- by far the best rest stop of all the states thus far
In the words of London when we arrived in Tulsa this evening… this house is paradise… i don’t want to leave!
Of course there’s no better way to wind down the day then in bed reading with my girls.


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