My baby girl turns two

Olivia Grace Wakefield…

I remember when we chose your full name.  We wanted it to mean something to us, and certainly when we hear the words Olivia Grace it evokes an emotion.  You are and always have been a gift of grace to this family.  I remember bringing you home.   You gave your mom a little more trouble than Riley, but you were worth the extra effort.  And from day one, you’ve been my fiercely independent baby girl. Where Riles is pensive and deliberate, you’re our little risk taker.  You two balance each other out that way.  We’ve taken to calling you scrappy doo (among other names) simply because of your scappy nature.

On your 2nd birthday yesterday, I couldn’t help but be proud of how far you’ve grown.  Look at you, just turned two and already potty trained (of your own volition I might add).  Whereas with Riles I had to put her through a well documented potty training boot camp, you were a lot easier.  You came to us one day and started asking to use the potty.  Problem solved!  Today when I dropped Riles off at school, you asked the school director if you could stay because you want to go to school as well.  Sigh…maybe you’re growing up too fast lol.

You’re certainly a young girl who knows her own mind.  This morning when I came downstairs to make you and your sister breakfast, you looked up at me with the most comical look I’ve ever seen and demanded, “daddy, what are you doing?”  Your mother and I cracked up laughing because we haven’t seen that face or heard that question come out of your mouth before.  You’re definitely starting to develop your own personality (we used to think you were the quiet one…omg we were so wrong…we can’t get you to stop talking)!  And now you’re entering toddler-land.  God help us all.


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