Family Reunion Chronicles July 2014

Yesterday we drove from Atlanta to Panama City Beach for our Wakefield family reunion, and thus far it’s been really nice. There’s something about traveling on the open road long distances that just relaxes me and reminds me of my childhood. I mentioned to my cousin’s wife, that she’ll have to get used to road trips. We Wakefield men like to ride out!

Looking out at the open road, with a van full of kids (my sister’s kids rode with us), something just felt right. Of course, it was hectic getting everyone together and ready. Good lord, I felt like herding cattle…I’ll definitely need a day of relaxation after this. But, for the memories it’ll all be worth it.

Friday night family fish fry
Of course, the opening to every black family reunion right? We had a good time last night. Uncle Tommy Tot was in classic party mode, the kids were trying to show the adults all the newest dance moves. Auntie in the kitchen frying up fish…come to think of it, Samantha mentioned that she’s never seen my aunt at a family function not in the kitchen…people walking around carrying new babies. And my girls, blending in with all the other Wakefields. My cousin and I joked that we’re going to have to put name tags on all these kids so folks leave with the right ones.

When it came time to start heading to our individual sleeping spots, my dad was like, ok, all the Wakefields follow me….is that where I get my sense of humor? Lol.

I’m looking forward to a fun day at the beach today. Right now folks are all pretty much knocked out from the late night. Both of my daughters are asleep still, disoriented from the time zone change (and the fact we went to bed after midnight I guess). Meanwhile, I’m sure that when I open the hallway door, at least 7 kids are gonna come running down the hall. Good times with the fam.

Stay tuned.




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