The beauty of having a true partner

Each month my wife and I have what’s called a monthly calendar and budget meeting.  We’ll spend an hour or more discussing important events for the upcoming month, who’s working late, when, important meetings, weekend commitments for the family, etc.  We’ll put it all up on a dry erase board in our office, then we’ll sync our I-phones to ensure we have the calendars correct electronically.  Afterwards, we’ll set a few priorities for the month, things that we believe will move us forward towards our family vision.  

This is usually the time when we’ll also hash out any past priorities, change our minds about future ones, and debate some of our next steps.  Though it’s productive, it’s also exhausting.  I went to bed last night just a little overwhelmed…I mean, when you look at our calendar and think about the things we’re trying to accomplish…it seems like a lot.  

Yes, quiet time to the rescue!  This morning, as I began my prayer time, I simply asked God to help me see how everything could possibly get accomplished.  There’s a lovely saying, God gives you a purpose in life, too big for you to fulfill on your own, to reserve a place for Himself in your life.  I believe it.  Without Him, I’d consistently be a basket-case of stress and worry.  God created me to be a dreamer, and that’s what I do, dream big.  But, He also endowed me, just as He’s endowed everyone else, with a unique set of gifts and opportunities to pursue my life’s purpose.  It’s in my best interest to continue reminding myself that I can’t do it all by myself.  And, it behooves me while I’m on this daily journey to find peace and solace in the fact that this is in fact, a journey, meant to be enjoyed along the way.  That’s what my faith reminds me of each day.  

In fact, I’m realizing, particularly as I work more alongside my wife to pursue our collective aims, that I don’t want to do it all by myself and I’m happy for the company along the way.  Most men realize this, but we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to perform, care for our families, be standout leaders.  All by ourselves most times.  Those are great aspirations, but the fact of the matter is, we need help (and who wants to do everything alone?).  That’s why I’m so glad I’ve found a few true partners.  One in God, the source of my hope and inspiration, one in Samantha; we complement each other well.  I don’t want to imagine building an empire alongside anyone else.  Thanks babe for not freaking out when we get thrown a curve ball, and for being willing to always go the distance with me.  And thank you God for always giving us both the courage to keep moving forward.  


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