The beautiful chaos

Tonight, after reading 3 stories for bedtime (2 more than the customary 1), after we said our goodnight prayers, and both girls were tucked in, I just sat in the chair in their room watching Olivia suck her thumb and fall asleep.  Just for a few minutes.  I would have taken a picture…but then I would have missed the moment.  So, I just decided to be in the moment, and capture a mental picture.  Besides, I was too tired to move anyway!

Sometimes I wonder how other parents with young children are feeling.  It’s an interesting phase of life, I call it the beautiful chaos phase.  On the one hand, we’re smack in the middle of hitting our career strides, or at least trying to launch those careers.  At the same time, raising young children seems to require more and more attention these days.  I don’t know a couple with young kids that doesn’t struggle with that balance of trying to both grow a career and a family at the same time.  It can make for some restless nights, which tend to go well with the sleepless nights that young kids will provide.  (I used to play video games, now I blog.  #kanyeshrug).

Of course, I’m not complaining.  I’m just saying.  It’s something that from time to time, I just pause and think…with so many balls being juggled, it’s a wonder more catastrophes don’t happen!  I’m really amazed and in awe of the fortune (thanks God!), support (thanks grandma!), and good will we’ve experienced along this journey.  It’s like in that movie with Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds where best friends, one a bachelor with no responsibilities and one a husband/father with young kids switch places.  The dad in the end realizes how good he really has it, despite the chaos of it all.  It’s a beautiful chaos.

I don’t need an out of body experience to remind myself of the wonderful beauty that is the controlled (and uncontrolled) chaos that is marriage and parenting.  All I need to do is pause long enough from time to time while catching my breath, to notice it all.


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