Spent, but for a worthy cause

I spent this past weekend with about 40 teachers examining the vestigages of race in America, and it’s impact on our current education system.  We visisted historical places in Altanta, including Auburn Avenue, the Dr. King Center, attended service at Historic Ebenezer, walked down memory lane at the Center for Civil and Human Rights, all while trying to build a bridge from the past, through the present, and to the future.  All in all, it was an inspiring weekend, amazing people, amazing time.  Now, it’s time to recharge.

It did take me away from my girls for the better part of the past 4 days, and so I’m glad to have the next few days off to recuperate and catch up with some quality time.  Tonight, while putting my daughters to bed, I thought about how different a father I am when I’m running on empty.  My patience is a little bit shorter, I laugh a little less, and I’m pretty sure the girls can sense it.  Olivia, ever the emotive one gave me several hugs and kisses this evening as if to say, I understand dad.  You’re in need of a hug.  Riley actually ate all of her dinner without me telling her (more than once that is), and then she proceeded to lecture Olivia on how eating your food helps you to grow big and strong,

I’m glad they decided to cut me a little slack tonight.  I know I was concious of the fact that though I would have loved to stay up and read more books, even though my heart was in it, my mind and my body just weren’t wiling to cooperate.  I was fortunate today.  There are plenty of other days when they don’t cooperate with my schedule.  I love that commercial with the sick dad who comes in and asks for a day off and his toddler just stares at him blankly, as if to say…what?  Dads don’t get a day off.  Thank God for a support network, proper planning, and a little bit of fortune because this dad sure could use one and I’m going to get it.

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