Finding my new normal

What lies behind us, and what what lies before us, are small matters compared to what lies within us.  Ralph Waldo Emerson

I mentioned to my wife the other day that I need a sense of normalcy in my life.  I wanted to do something to remind me of familiar times, familiar places, familiar people.  Perhaps we should go home (to SC) for the weekend, or spend time with friends we haven’t seen in a while.  Something to remind me that as much as things change, some fundamental things remain the same.  Her response, I’m ready for us to settle into new habits, in our new place, and create a new normal.  

So for much of the past almost 2 weeks since we’ve moved, we’ve been experimenting with what will become our new normal.  Everything from Taco Tuesdays, to evening walks around the neighborhood, to Friday night movie nights, and even actually eating dinner at the dining room table as a family…we’re getting there.  I’m even going to have to establish a new workplace normal as I start a new job next week.

Today I said see you later to a group of teammates and colleagues who have now become life-long friends.  Again, I felt myself longing for familiar times and familiar faces as they left my house after our celebration.  But while sitting here on my patio, watching my girls play on their little slide, I realized, I already have the most important constants in my life right here.  Inside resting is my wife of 10 years (our 10th anniversary is coming up at the end of this month and I’m so excited to commemorate the occasion).  Riley just sat next to me and read an entire chapter book (and that’s my 5 year old).  And Olivia sat in my lap while I read a journal of quotes from my former colleagues, wishing me well on my future endeavors and sharing their reflections about our time working together.  It definitely has been a good reminder of the constants in my life that matter most.

Times may change, but my optimism about life, God’s purpose and provision, and my gratitude for everything that I’ve been blessed to experience will always remain the same.  I’m so grateful for every experience that I’ve had thus far and what’s to come.  I think that’s what will actually help me to settle into my new normal, reminding myself of the things that i value and ensuring that they are guiding my life. That may have been a light bulb moment, recognizing that values and relationships, these are the true constants in our lives.  I wonder if anyone else has made this connection…lol.  Oh well, time to get ready for Friday movie night.


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