Starting Again…

Today, for the first time in 8 years I begin a new journey with a new employer, continuing to do impactful work, partnering with families, principals, and business leaders to help chart a course forward for schools in my community.  It’s exciting and necessary, and I’m ready for it.  There’s something that I love about fresh starts.  The anticipation of new opportunities, the idealism. Everything seems possible at the beginning.  Being an ideas man, I love that.

But there’s also the nervousness about the unknown.  What if things don’t go well?  What if I have to journey alone?   It’s the what ifs that always spoil the fun.

So, last night before bed, I started reading some portions of the Apostle John’s retelling of Jesus’s final hours to see how he helped his disciples prepare for the biggest change in their lives, his crucifixion.  His final prayer with His disciples was all about strengthening them for their journey to come.  It was amazing because what I discovered was that even in His final hours, it seemed as if Jesus was still focused on both the people around Him, and His destination at the same time.  

And that I think is the key with any good journey.  It’s both the destination and the journey itself that matter.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have great friends  to count along the way, and I look forward to adding future companions to my list of fellow journeyers.  But I’m also thrilled about where I’m headed.   My favorite quote in life is Jesus’s last words, it is finished because I too aspire to be a finisher.  I want to fulfill the life’s work God has given me to do as a husband, father, and leader.   Today, my life’s work continues with the next step along my journey. 


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