Friends for life

Sunday afternoon, I sat with my youngest daughter engaging in one of our favorite past times…watching old family videos.  Years ago, when I first found out I would become a father, one of the first things I did was invest in an HD video camera.  I wanted to capture every moment, and over the years it seems that I have captured a lot.  One of my favorite memories have occurred with our friends, people that my wife and I grew up with in college, got married with, and started our families together.  We’ve all been through a lot, experienced some tragedies and a lot of triumphs, but what matters most is that we’ve done it together.

I guess I’ve always been the nostalgic type given my childhood growing up.  We moved around a lot and I always had to make new friends.  I remember when I got older, one thing I always admired were those folks who could say that they spent their lives growing up in one place, with the same group of friends.  Besides my family, I don’t really have that.  The friends I have today are ones I’ve gained in adulthood (with the exception of 3 of my best friends, men who I met in high school).

As we’ve all grown into our 30s and started families, now our children are becoming friends.  I knew one day it would probably change, I mean, really- who lives in one place all their lives anymore right?  But I love the fact that I can look back at videos and pictures over the years and see the evolution of our lives.  Just this past new year, we all got together and as we stood in the circle holding hands to pray, with all of our kids in tow, we remarked how big the circle was getting.  It started with 8 adults years ago, and now it’s blossomed to 8+7 and counting…

Friends are the family you choose.  That’s what I’ve always thought.  I don’t have many people who I consider close friends, but for those who are, my loyalty runs deep.  We’re god-parents to each others kids and there’s a bond and commitment to supporting one another no matter what.  So today, I celebrate one of our closest friends as they prepare to move to the next phase of their lives.  I’ve found that although my 3 closest friends from high school don’t live in the same city, we’re still close as ever (if not closer).  I’m simply thankful for the time we’ve had thus far together.  I’ve always said that our network here in Atlanta is one of the key reasons why we stay, it keeps us grounded.

A wise man once said, don’t be sad because it’s over, be happy that it happened.  That Dr. Seuss has been spitting knowledge for a while huh?  Here’s to celebrating what’s happened thus far, and eager anticipation for what is to come.

PS- here’s one of my favorite videos from our last couples vacation together-


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